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Employee Assistance Programs

by Fuller Counseling Services.

I provide custom Employee Assistance Programs for employers who care about their teams enough to make sure they are healthy and whole. When you work with me, I become the primary point of contact for your team through coaching, counseling, resourcing, and referring. Workplaces all over the world are waking up to just how difficult life can be for people. You can fight back against the stress, overwhelm, under performance, and turnover by working with me to care for your team.

How many of your employees are struggling with some form of mental health or stress related issue?

employee assistance program counseling service
Depression, anxiety, stress, family strife, parenting challenges, financial hurdles, and much more have a real impact on the productivity, well-being, and health of your teams. Issues like these interfere with productivity over 20% of the day, and reduces cognitive performance about 35% of the time1.

When any one part of our life is less than optimal, eventually the other spheres of life will be affected too.

Work with me to promote the well-being of your people because when your teams are healthy your business will be too. Fight back for your people. Fight back for your workplace.


“Providing access to Shane and his EAP service allows us to care for and support the well-being of our teams. Whether they are feeling stressed at work or facing problems at home – they know help is just a phone call away. At Cedar Valley Medical Specialists we work relentlessly to care for others, so it is nice to know our employees are taken care of as well.”

Gil Irey, CEO
Cedar Valley Medical Specialists

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