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Empathy Workshops

by Fuller Counseling Services.

My Empathy Workshop exists to help leaders and their teams become more connected, more productive, more profitable, and more resilient. The four-hour empathy workshop is designed as an opportunity for group learning, practicing, and processing together what you’ve learned all in one place. Other unique training opportunities include a follow-up workshop training and one-on-one coaching for team members who want or need it.

Why Empathy?1

  • Radically reduce employee turnover. Over 92% of people would be willing to stay with a company if they empathized with their needs.
  • Increase employee retention. 50% of employees are actively looking for a new job. Fostering empathy in the workplace is one of the best ways to combat this.
  • Create a desirable culture. 85% of employees agree that empathy is undervalued by their organization.
  • Tap into your team’s greatest felt need. Six out of ten employees would take less pay if their employer showed more empathy.
  • Increase workplace productivity. Over three-fourths of employees would be willing to work longer hours for an empathic leader.


"We have been working with Shane Fuller as a leadership consultant for nearly two years now. His work in empathy training has been game changing for our organization. It has continued to grow our healthy culture. Our staff has more empathy and ability to see the perspectives of their students. We see increased healthy relationships between our adults. And the ability to create and forge safe and trusting relationships grows each day. The work of Shane's empathy training is something we are so proud to have our staff engage in as it makes them become better human beings."

Mike Fisher, Superintendent
Charles City Community Schools

"Not only is Shane's content clear, it is empowering and immediately applicable. Our team was practicing the concepts later in the day, and we continue to gain traction as we apply these helpful skills each week . . . I appreciated having Shane return later to provide additional coaching and to extend our learning."

Chris Rygh, Executive Pastor of Expansion
Prairie Lakes Church

“Because of this training my officers are better equipped to communicate effectively and strategically. It will not only help them on the job, but in their personal lives as well. I highly recommend this training for anyone who wants to improve their interpersonal communication skills.”

Lt. Martin Beckner

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fuller counseling services cedar falls iowa